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A unique subscription-based program designed to train FOH teams on modern, adaptive service techniques that will drive sales, increase loyalty, and explode tip income.

Each animated module contains dozens of immediately useable tactics presented in engaging multi-media format,

and requires ZERO Trainer hours!


Build on the technical service skills provided by most restaurants, adding a layer of expertise that cannot be delivered by a manual.


Gives you the tools to educate your team on the surprising details of how and why modern consumers leave gratuities so they can increase their tip income.


Allows you to easily retro-train existing staff on the Renegade philosophies without conducting an "all store" training and saving you tremendous labor costs


Helps reduce turnover, as team members who are making better money aren't looking for other places to work!


Helps train FOH to sell more of the restaurant's products with a focus on incrementals (soups, salads, appetizers, desserts, and premium beverages).


Enables you to elevate the Guest Experience by adding dimension and humanness, which result in more repeat customers and regulars.

A set of eight, 10-15 minute Video Modules with downloadable worksheets make up the heart of this highly effective, adaptive learning opportunity. Each is based on tried-and-true techniques from the best-seller, "The Renegade Server." 


This course was designed with exactly one outcome in make YOU more money. Each tactic, tip, and technology has been scientifically researched and field-tested to increase gratuities by better connecting with guests, driving frequency, and increasing sales...all without working any harder or longer. Many participants have reported tip increases of 50%-100% and more! 


Here's the Course Introduction module, on us!

If you like what you see, subscribe to the rest of the lessons today,

and start seeing results tomorrow...and for years to come!   

Are you an individual Server or Bartender who wants to take the course for yourself and enjoy the explosive tip growth experienced by thousands of others?


Or, are you a restaurant leader who just wants to see what the program's all about before grabbing a monthly subscription for your team? (commitment issues, we get it)

For you, each module is available on a pay-per-veiw basis. You can "rent" them individually and have 72 hours to view that module as many times as you like.

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