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But it's also a unique, valuable opportunity for innovation and positive change.

NOW is the time to load up on outside-in ideas, content, and expertise!

"It's not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent.

It's the one that's most adaptive to change."

-  Charles Darwin

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Need to get the whole team refocused and facing the same direction after months of downtime or disruption? Want to re-energize your leaders and rally around new goals and challenges?

A 'Virtual Conference' can help your team adapt to new

realities and expectations.

Typically done as a one-hour keynote delivered by Tim Kirkland and intricately tailored to your own goals, needs and expectations for your operators. Here are a couple of popular topics:

"It's not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent.

It's the one that's most adaptive to change."

-  Charles Darwin

"It's not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent.

It's the one that's most adaptive to change."

-  Charles Darwin


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For over a decade, Tim Kirkland has been a trusted partner in training & development for some of the most respected brands in the world.

His books and training materials have helped hundreds

of brands and countless individuals engage, flourish

and make more money.

Now, you can have access to his deep catalog of

content, presented to your team directly by Tim. 

Your 1-4 minute video clips will be:

  • Fully customized to reflect your brand,

       products, and unique challenges of

       your team and market.

  • Perfect for pre-shift meetings, manager

       meetings, position training, or just to

       rally the team.

  • Part of your permanent training toolkit.

  • Based on either of Tim's best-selling books,

     "The Renegade Server," or "COACH." One for the

       front-of-the-house...the other for leaders

Looking for more in-depth coaching? Check out our "Virtual Conference." It's a customized 1-hour Keynote delivered digitally to your team. No flights or hotel rooms required!



Treat your leaders to weekly or monthly coaching videos containing content, tools, and inspiration from COACH, specifically tailored for your brand and culture. Keep them focused, refreshed, and moving forward with messages that improve:

  • Adaptive Leadership in times of change

  • Recruiting high performers

  • Creating a culture of excellence on your team

  • Interviewing skills designed to uncover talent and screen out low performers

  • Hiring and onboarding best practices that deeply engage new team members

  • Engaging and motivating team members every day, every shift

  • Reward and recognition ideas for your team

  • Proven ways to reduce turnover

  • How to prioritize your day so that you can focus on things that move your business forward, not just keep you "busy"

  • Eliminating recurring problems from your day permanently

  • Setting goals for your teams and holding them accountable for the behaviors that will deliver them

  • Connecting your team to the purpose of the work and creating buy-in

  • Helping everyone on your team understand their unique role in the Customer Experience, and how it affects others on the team


These are just a few of the inspirational and immediately useful topics your leaders can benefit from. All videos are 100% tailored to your brand and teams!



"The Renegade Server" is the #1 resource in the world for training servers and bartenders how to better engage guests, deliver a unique & defensible experience, and explode tip income. Let us customize some pre-shift or position training that will enegize your front-line team and teach them to:

  • Intricately tailor every Guest Experience 

  • Turn every first-time Guest into a life-long loyal regular

  • Ditch outdated, pushy sales techniques and increase tip income with tools that work.

  • Deploy the secrets for discovering every Guest's unique expectations and exceed them every time.

  • Dramatically increase sales of inncrementals (soups, salads, appetizers, desserts and premium beverages).

  • Enhance both service and sales by simply changing language

  • Selling more effectiely to families with kids

  • Increasing wine, beer, and cocktail sales

These are just a few of the hundreds of specific, actionable tools that can be delivered in dynamic, customized video format to your teams to help them sell more, servebetter, and make more money (for both you and them)!

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