This ingenious tool is a must-have for any busy Renegade Server looking to increase tips!

Say good-bye to frantic searches for lost cash, credit cards, receipts, and server books. The Waiter Wallet securely holds your order pad, specials, pen, even your POS swipe card. After one shift, you’ll wonder how you ever waited tables without it!

The Waiter Wallet® Renegade Server Signature Edition features the Waiter Wallet® and comes loaded for learning with a complete set of full-color flash cards taken directly from the best-selling book! Each of the 50 full-color panels lays out a different, easy-to-implement money-making technique. Simply slide the card into the server-facing clear pocket and learn a new way to explode your tips every shift.

The Waiter Wallet® Renegade Server Signature Edition also has these great features:

  • Guest-Facing front clear pocket perfect for displaying desserts (like “Chocolate Danger”), LTO’s, specials or even pictures of your dog or kids. A perfect way wordlessly sell more of the things that make you money while genuinely connecting with Guests!
  • A generous side-open cash wallet with divider & four pockets for your credit cards.
  • Server-facing, clear pocket holds your Renegade TIP Cards as well as other information you’ll need throughout your shift such as specials, wine/beer pairing guides, allergen lists, or anything else you need to sell more and serve better!
  • Pen loop conveniently positioned in the Waiter Wallet’s fold, so you can always have your favorite pen close at hand.
  • V-Pocket on the back of the Waiter Wallet provides faster, easier access to your POS card.
  • Includes one 50-page Waiter Wallet® Pad, custom formatted to make taking orders easier and more accurate. (additional pads available at The Waiter Wallet® also accommodates any pad up to 4” x 6”.

Made of durable black leather-like vinyl, the Waiter Wallet® is built to last. Closed, the Waiter Wallet® Renegade Server Signature Edition measures 4”x 6" (perfect to completely slip into an apron pocket).

Renegade Edition Waiter Wallet®