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If you already own the book, videos, CDs and flashcards - or if you're on a tight budget - you can order the Renegade Training Flash Drive as a stand-alone tool! 

This customized, proprietary flash drive allows you to present or print the entire Renegade Server Training Program directly from the device, delivering the ultimate in training security, versatility and portability. It contains:

  • A rich, multimedia Slide Deck in two formats (both PDF and an animate, manually advancing QuickTime video) which guides the trainer and team-members through the course, engaging them and highlighting critical points.
  • A comprehensive, full color Leader's Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, customize and deliver the content for maximum impact. Trainee Worksheets that allow learners to follow along with the training as it's presented and keep for use and reference in the future.
  • Over 100 tools including additional handouts, flashcards, shift management tools, pre-shift meeting guides, games, incentives, discussions and activities that help you transform your restaurant's performance completely and sustainably.

Based on sales increase reports from our clients who use this program in their restaurants, the Renegade-In-A-Box Training System can pay for itself in just 2-3 shifts... then deliver unlimited sales and profits for years to come!

Renegade Training System Flash Drive

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