Find out why thousands of people attend Tim Kirkland's engaging and informative seminars every year!

Our live seminar clients include Applebee's, Kimpton, Chili's, Marriott, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Tim Horton's, HMS Host, Grease Monkey, Auntie Anne's, Pizza Hut, KFC, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Golden Corral, LA Fitness, and many, many more.

Tim's delivery is professional, engaging and balanced with real-world experience and good-natured humor. Attendees are guaranteed to come away with dozens of real, immediately useable tools and tactics, not just 'inspiration' from the stage (though there's plenty of that, too). All of our content is custom-tailored for each client and designed to specifically address the goals, expectations, needs and culture of the organization. Our live seminars consistently receive the highest reviews from attendees and. In fact, Tim is re-booked by nearly all of our clients... with a majority contracting back-to-back annual appearances.

Tim speaks with authority on a variety of subjects including Customer Service, Salesmanship, Leadership, Marketing, Change Management and Team Development.


Based on Tim’s latest book, "COACH: Becoming a Better Team Leader by Bettering the Team You Lead." This presentation examines the core competencies of successful Leaders with an emphasis on improving results by focusing on the quality of the team and their day-to-day performance. Tim begins by exploring new ways to better recruit, hire, engage and retain top performers. Then, he details how Managers can accomplish big goals by taking a behavioral approach to performance and accountability at the shift level. This seminar is perfect for managers, owners and franchisees in any segment of the service industry.



In these highly competitive times, good help is hard to find…and even harder to keep! In this idea-packed session, best-selling author Tim Kirkland will share dozens of impactful suggestions on how to recruit, interview, onboard, train, motivate and KEEP top-level management talent and front-line crew members.


Our most popular, in-demand presentation. Tim Kirkland's acclaimed best-seller, The Renegade Server helps tens of thousands of restaurants and service teams worldwide stand out among the growing competition by turning dining back into an experience again. Tim uses uncommon insights to identify and debunk outdated ideas regarding tips (on longer stands for "To Insure Prompt Service!") and salesmanship (the up-sell is dead ?!) and replaces them with fresh, immediately useable techniques for driving sales, creating devoted regulars, and aligning the interests of the server, the guest and the restaurant. This seminar is perfect for front-line teams, managers, owners, trainers and franchsees in the full-service restaurant business.



In these highly competitive times, it is more important than ever not only to attract new customers, but to hold on to and drive loyalty and frequency among those you already have. While first-time, 'trial' visits can be driven by anything from advertising to location, there are certain effective, tested tools and tactics that can be used to encourage customers to return to your business soon and often and forsake your competition. Attendees will learn how to connect in a way that creates value for the customer and forges a strong bond to your brand... effectively turning customers into evangelists along the way. Ideal for managers, owners and franchisees looking for ways to develop high-value, regular customers in their business.



In this highly engaging, information-packed session Tim delivers real, immediately usable tactics that will help franchisees, managers and independent operators move local marketing efforts into the new millennium. Rather than the same old list of promotional gimmicks and discounts-of-the-day, Tim will share how operators can impact the very foundations of what customers value and why they buy in a way that will support and defend an established national brand or build and define an emerging one. Tim focuses not just on the traditional, attractive tools of advertising and promotions, but on how to effectively convert the awareness generated by those tactics into higher sales, loyalty and evangelism.


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