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"In all affairs, it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark at the end of things you have long taken for granted."

- Bertrand Russel



Whether it's designing employee training or incentive programs, developing local marketing plans, contributing to brand strategy, or executive coaching, Renegade Hospitality Group brings tremendous creativity and experience to bear.


The nature of our practice gives us unique access to best practices and strategic and tactical innovations and pitfalls across a wide range of brands, industries, and markets. We are lifelong students and are happy to be able to share our lessons and learnings with our clients.


Our consulting services are bespoke, combining our experience, research, and observations with a thorough understanding of your strategic goals and organizational context.


Here's how we do it...



We understand that no two brands are alike, and each organization’s culture, history, offerings, and teams present unique opportunities for us as consultants to employ different combinations of content and delivery. With this in mind, much of our work is focused on getting to know your organization. We begin by thoroughly analyzing your current efforts, results, and challenges via materials review, surveys, and interviews.


Next, we identify and document the bright spots and best practices in your current systems, using them as an existing cultural “springboard” to which we will add new skills, tactics, and behaviors. In this way, new content will feel like more of an extension of existing efforts and less like the “next new thing.”

Design & Develop

Based on the Assessment and materials review, we then intricately develop and tailor content to suit your goals, culture, teams, and products. Much of the content will come from our tried, tested and true catalog of Leadership Development and Customer Service materials and be intricately customized for your teams.


Once the deliverables are complete, we serve as a devoted partner in the rollout and follow-up process. We will gladly participate in test market implementation, document results, and adjust/revise programs as necessary for system-wide application.

Contact us today to set up a discussion regarding

how you can add our expertise to yours!

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