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In a 2-hour 'speech,' only one word matters.


As presentations go, some tend to be heavy on "motivation," but light on meat. Tons of volume, but no value. Anyone can make people excited to be in the room...Tim Kirkland makes them excited to get back to work.

Tim is a humorous, dynamic speaker who definitely brings the motivation...but is also laser-focused on the practical matter of delivering real, immediately useable tools that will have an impact on your business.

Tim's business savvy and experience are immediately apparent to attendees of his keynotes, workshops, and seminars. He is a proven, award-winning owner-operator, executive, and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the hospitality and customer service industries. He walks the talk and shares real tools for success. 


Nearly all of Tim's speaking clients invite him back for repeat appearances, with a significant percentage of those requesting back-to-back appearances. The reason is, Tim delivers easily understood, immediately applicable business solutions that deliver measurable, sustained results in the field.


Every keynote, workshop, breakout or seminar is intricately tailored to suit the culture, needs, goals, and expectations of each client. We take the time to get to know your brand, teams, products, and customers to deliver a highly customized and ultimately useful presentation.


We can research and develop presentations "from the ground up" based on your current business conditions and needs, or start with a template based on Tim's proven, best-selling content and go from there. Here are a few of our most popular, tried-and-true topics:

Cultivate Image Vertical.jpg



Acquiring, engaging and maintaining talent is the most important function of any leader. This in-demand presentation gives attendees real ways to attract and acquire the best team members, develop them daily, and keep star players in place in an increasingly competitive talent market and multi-generational workforce.

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Renegade Server

This engaging presentation based on the best-selling book shows full-service restaurant leaders ways to engage teams in the crucial tasks of growing sales, developing loyal regulars and creating genuine, personal and repeatable connections and unique dining experiences for your Guests.

Execute Image Vertical.jpg

Do you ever feel like you've worked your butt off in your business, then get home at the end of the day (or night) exhausted and feel you actually accomplished little? Have you ever had to solve the same problem more than once? Once a week? A shift?

This presentation gives leaders tools for eliminating distraction and moving their teams and businesses forward daily.



mousetrap image vertical.jpg


Mousetrap Marketing

In this highly engaging and informative session, Tim teaches franchisees, unit managers, and independent operators Local Store Marketing skills for the new millennium. Rather than the same old list of discounts and gimmicks, attendees will learn how to impact the very foundations of what customers value in ways that transfer into higher sales, loyalty and social evangelism.

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