The Renegade cook

Brand new! This 168 page paperback by Matt Nelson teaches cooks and chefs what it takes to get ahead in the restaurant business. It’s packed with tips for becoming a better cook and teammate (especially to the FOH), earning bigger raises more quickly, and moving up.

Cooks and Chefs: The Renegade Cook is the first book of its kind written just for you, delivering insights and tips you can start using today to build a career. Learn the real secrets for being happy at work, standing out, and making more money.

Leaders and Trainers: Put The Renegade Cook in the hands of every cook and manager to see how its insights will help you build skills and leadership in the kitchen, develop a talent pipeline, and teach your managers how to lead the BOH confidently.

Pick up your copy today...and increase your success tomorrow!

$19.95 - Terrapin Press

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