The Renegade Server

Uncommon Strategies for Making More Money in 21st Century Food Service

Over the past several years, the number and variety of restaurants in North America has exploded. As a result, the average guest dines out up to 3 times more often than they did just a few years ago. This huge increase in dining occasions has caused some service to become homogenized. In many cases, the restaurant dining experience has become a routine process.

Tim Kirkland's acclaimed best-seller, The Renegade Server helps restaurants and service teams stand out among the growing competition by turning dining back into an experience. Tim uses uncommon insights to identify and debunk outdated ideas regarding tips (no longer stands for “To Insure Prompt Service!") and salesmanship (the up-sell is dead?!) and replaces them with fresh, immediately usable techniques for increasing tips by driving sales, creating devoted regulars, and and aligning the interests of the server, the guest, and the restaurant.

This fun, interactive read gives servers, bartenders, owners, managers and franchisees fresh, immediately useable tactics that are guaranteed to:

  • Explode Tip Income: By understanding how and why the modern diner tips, you can leverage their expectations and focus on the specific behaviors that result in exponential increases in gratuities.
  • Increase Sales: Learn to use strategic sales timing and fresh, engaging language to dramatically increase check average and incremental sales.
  • Improve Service: Learn the easy, effective, sparkling service techniques that will get your Guests’ attention and differentiate your business.
  • Drive Guest Frequency: Discover the 4 different types of regular customer, why they’re important and how to keep them coming back to your restaurant - and your section - soon and often.

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