Who We Are

Tim Kirkland founded Renegade Hospitality Group because he had become impossible to go out to eat with.

Like many hospitality pros, his 30+ years in the industry had left him completely unable to enjoy a meal or stay...instead constantly critiquing and picking apart every visit...and driving his friends and family nuts.

Something had to be done.

In 2007, Tim authored the international best-seller, "The Renegade Server," which helps front-line team members sell more, make more money and have more fun. It aligns the interest of the restaurant brand and the restaurant worker and delivers spectacular results to both. The service model of "The Renegade Server" is to ditch outdated scripts and robotic serving processes and connect with each guest on a genuine, personal level...then serve and sell from within that relationship.

Today, that "Renegade Philosophy" of genuine, personal connection informs all of our work. We believe that crafting individual experiences - for both customers and employees - are critical to sustained success, engagement and loyalty. Our extensive suite of products, training and consulting services reflects those values.