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At Renegade Hospitality Group, we believe that all training (and, indeed, all learning) is either technical or adaptive by nature.


Technical training is all the nuts-and-bolts information your teams need to perform tasks and keep the business running (what to do...where to put to make many to use...etc.). Adaptive training involves the much more complex human elements like motivation, engagement, commitment, and purpose.


Chances are, your organization already has a giant toolbox of technical training...a repository of tasks, how to accomplish them, and how they are to be measured and accounted for. No outside expertise will ever be as effective at developing this type of learning as those already in your organization developed over years of doing the job.


Where we specialize, is bringing the very latest adult learning and adaptive, behavioral techniques to present the learner with a compelling "why" that will drive performance excellence, consistency and commitment.

We've built custom, comprehensive, multimedia training solutions on a vast range of topics including quick-service with heart, creating unique & defensible Customer Experiences on the front line, Beverage Salesmanship, and Adaptive Leadership for respected global brands including

HMS Host, American Airlines, Burger King, PF Changs,

Applebees, Simplot, Brinker International, Norwegian Cruise Line,

Miller Coors, and many, many more.


If you'd like to discuss how we can help your organization go beyond training the "what and how" and begin tapping into the performance and engagement benefits of communicating the "WHY," contact us today.

Don't need a comprehensive, customized training solution? Just need ideas for continued education? Want to add our tried-and-tested, highly effective content and technologies to your existing toolbox? Check out the off-the-shelf tools and products below!


Further your knowledge or that of your team with the foundation of the Renegade systems. All books are available at bulk discounts, and can even be custom covered featuring your logo or that of your conference at quantity.

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DVDs, CD-ROMs, AudioBooks... Basically, if you can train it on a screen or a speaker, we've got it.


There's even a complete, trainer-led learning system for The Renegade Server that comes loaded with PowerPoint Decks, Facilitator Guides, flashcards, and hundreds of other training tools. 



Online subscription-based training for FOH full-service restaurant teams. Teach the powerful, lucrative lessons of The Renegade Server with brief interactive videos, animations, and clips from Tim's acclaimed stage presentations...and zero Trainer hours.

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