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In this highly anticipated follow-up to The Renegade Server, Tim Kirkland examines how leaders can focus on creating stronger, more engaged teams and motivate them to improved performance daily. It follows the acronym COACH...


Cultivation - The first responsibility of any Coach is to collect, develop and maintain high performing team members. Readers will discover new ways to improve how they recruit, motivate and retain top talent.


Observation - Often, leaders find themselves very ‘busy,’ but accomplishing little. It’s frequently a diagnostic mistake by not taking the time to fully understand the landscape in which we’re operating. Readers will learn to observe challenges from multiple perspectives and apply meaningful, lasting solutions.


Accountability - Great coaches know that you don’t win games by only watching the scoreboard. Readers will learn how to make  team members personally responsible for the work, not just the results.


Connection - When team members are fully connected to the purpose of the work and the mission of the team, they produce better results. Discover how to connect your team to each other and to the greater goal.


Hand-Off - Often, when we fail at Customer Experience, it’s not because any one person failed at their role…but because the ball was dropped during the ‘hand-off’ between team members. Learn how to deliver seamless, customized Customer Experiences by existing as a Coach “in the gaps.”


COACH: Being a Better Team Leader by Bettering the Team You Lead